Inventory Management

When it comes to managing your inventory, it’s crucial to know every step of the lifecycle. THSuite not only tracks incoming products and what’s on your shelves, it helps you make key business decisions on sales offers and loyalty discounts that will keep your customers coming back again and again. Find your most popular products in a click, stay on top of your purchasing needs and handle returned inventory in one easy to manage portal.

In addition, our built-in inventory reporting provides all the metrics you need to accurately report all of your financials for accounting and tax purposes. Should you need more, we can do that, too. All of your numbers, at your fingertips, when and how you need to see them.


Manage Products
Adjust Inventory
Filter Your View
Package Audit
System Alerts


  • Manage Products

    Easily create different variations of products from a single item, including seamlessly converting your left over flower from one package into a new package for shake/trim. See every product at your disposal, in every form and at every price point. In addition to easy barcode scanning, our intuitive search bar makes finding products in your store a snap.

  • Adjust Inventory

    As products availability shifts to account for loss, you’ll be able to easily and quickly adjust the inventory in THSuite. Account for each and every item that is dried up, accidentally opened, lost, stolen or otherwise unusable and report it back to the state automatically.

  • Filter Your View

    Understand the complete picture of your inventory and filter your view by product, supplier or quantity to quickly know what you have available, and what demands attention. Re-order before you run out, and make swift decisions based on what you see at-a-glance.

  • Package Audit

    Quickly reconcile why your physical inventory doesn’t match your virtual inventory by viewing every event that affects your packages. See what actions affected your original quantity, and who took each action. Gain valuable insights into your package inventory from start to finish.

  • System Alerts

    Stay on top of your inventory with automated alerts that flag issues such as missing information, low inventory and more. Send an email to your contact of choice when an alert is tripped, then fix the problem with one simple click.


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