Customized Reporting

Reporting is the heart and soul of THSuite, offering reporting integration with your state’s API, strategic business reports and offline reporting in the event of internet failure. Our unique customized reporting will help you know exactly what’s going on within your business and increase opportunities for sales.


Quickbooks Integration
Compliance Reporting
Sales Reporting
Inventory Reporting
Offline Reporting


  • Quickbooks Integration

    If Quickbooks is your choice for accounting software, THSuite connects directly to the Quickbooks API, keeping your key figures all in one place. Stay busy running your business, not your numbers.

  • Compliance Reporting

    THSuite automatically syncs with your state’s API, ensuring your dispensary is fully compliant with your state’s regulation. Pull the information THSuite has been collecting all day into one report for accounting and tax purposes – no data entry required.

  • Sales Reporting

    See every important detail of what’s flying off your shelves, so you know what will keep your customers coming back. View peak sales by day, hour and product, chart your sales over time, and know precisely when to fully staff and re-stock your dispensary to optimize your bottom line.

  • Inventory Reporting

    View your day-by-day inventory quantities at a glance. Then break it down by the hour to see the products, weight, type and quantity. Get insights into your inventory that help you move product more quickly via discounts or order more before running out. Find all the metrics you need to accurately report numbers for accounting and tax purposes – including valuable deductions – right in one place.

  • Offline Reporting

    Don’t get caught off guard in the event of an internet outage. Your dispensary will function as normal, with no manual data entry when your service returns. THSuite continues to allow sales, produce reports and keep you in compliance, ensuring 100% uptime, all the time.


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