Customized Cultivation

In order to see the true health of your cultivation center, you need to see the big picture as well as the details. From seed to sale, we offer a transparent view into the life of your cultivation operation. Our automated processes will turn your grow room into a seamless production, and allow you extreme visibility into each step of the process.

And since your business is different from any other, we offer you a fully customized solution tailored to your precise needs. Forget needing multiple software platforms and workarounds. We’re here to eliminate your pain points, not create them. We will take every piece of your operation into consideration as we build a program around your cultivation center, allowing you to capture the data that matters most to you and your customers.

Here are a few of the features you can expect, with complete customization for your business:



  • Full State Compliance API Integration

    Easily connect with any State Compliance software, including the Metrc State Traceability API, and automatically report every plant batch, harvest, package and sale. All state required information is collected and reported, so you can sit back and know it’s all being taken care of. Compliance fulfilled.

  • Full Plant Tracking

    Scan and track every plant through the entire cultivation lifecycle. Know its precise location from greenhouse to packaging. Collect data on what you’re growing and review trends over time.

  • Package audit

    Trace each Package Label back to its harvest batch, plant batch or even plant tag. Know the precise dates and processes that touched every product you put out to market.

  • Online Order Widget

    Expedite the ordering process with our online ordering widget that can be placed on your website and is tied into your inventory. Customers can see what you have available and as they purchase, have your inventory kept up to date in real time. Make transactions as easy as the push of a button.

  • CRM

    Keep track of your customers, process orders, and note touchpoints by your sales team. Stay on top of sales goals and the sales funnel with our custom CRM.

  • Quickbooks Integration

    We’ll connect you right to the Quickbooks API, allowing you to continuously push your key metrics to your accounting software while you’re busy running your business. From sales to plant costs, you can easily and effectively track from the seed to the sale. Custom accounting solutions are also available.

  • Waste Management Tracking & Reporting

    Keep tabs on every bit of waste, including water loss and plant matter. Gain greater insight into your grow operation by knowing precisely what is being reported as waste.

  • Trimmer Activity

    Increase your visibility into your staffing and production needs by tracking the number of plants trimmed per hour, recording waste and increasing efficiency.

  • Task Management

    From equipment tasks to cleaning tasks, there are numerous processes taking place in your cultivation center each day. Assign tasks, know what’s getting done, and turn your business into a well-oiled machine. Custom reports provide greater visibility into average completion times to better understand the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

  • Yield and Sales Reporting

    Don’t just see your bottom line, find out how it got there. Know precisely how much product your crop yields, and the sales that your harvest brings in.

  • Inventory Reports

    What’s available? What’s requested most frequently? Stop guessing what to plant next, and make educated decisions based on your own data. Check what stage the plants are when harvested, water loss, waste, and yield, all in one place.


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