Compliance Integration

Stay in line with your state’s regulations, without lifting a finger. You won’t even have to click ‘send.’ Be in compliance 100% of the time, even when your internet goes down.


State API Integration
No More Duplicate Work
Offline Reporting


  • State API Integration

    The first thing THSuite does when onboarding is integrate with your state’s traceability system. We’ll automatically pull information from an incoming order and send it straight to the state. Every single thing is reported, so you can sit back and know it’s all being taken care of. You won’t even have to submit reports at the end of the day. Done and done.

  • No More Duplicate Work

    THSuite constantly sends information to your state, creating the least amount of duplicate work on your part. Inventory reports will be sent daily and sales are transmitted in real time. Your state will know it all, just like you.

  • Offline Reporting

    Finally end manual reporting when your system goes down! THSuite runs on your local network and uses the system’s hardware to store information, allowing you to continue operations in the face of a system outage. When your connection returns, so does reporting, syncing up with your state to send anything that got left behind since the last transmission.


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