Operations are crucial to your dispensary, and you want them to run smoothly. THSuite ensures that everyone who helps you do business has the appropriate level of functionality and that it seamlessly integrates with your inventory to help you sell faster and smarter. And we’ll customize each feature to your dispensary, not the other way around.


Simple Setup
Permission-Based Functionality
Employee Management
Loyalty Program


  • Simple Setup

    From day one, you’ll see how THSuite is different. Don’t waste hours of your time implementing the program, by simply connecting with your state’s API, all of your past data will automatically be uploaded to the system. Getting started couldn’t be easier.

  • Permission-Based Functionality

    Set precise permissions for each employee with access customization. Ensure each budtender or administrator can access any and all actions you want them to have and block anyone at any time from accessing information they shouldn’t. As employees grow with your company, easily grant access to features they need.

  • Employee Management

    Forget needing another system to manage your employees. Keep track of each and every hour worked with punch-in/punch-out functionality, maintain an employee schedule and submit precise reports to payroll.

  • Point-of-Sale

    Check out has never looked better. This gorgeous, intuitive register makes ringing up merchandise painless and fun. Scan or search your way to a sale – and don’t forget the discount codes!

  • Discounting

    Whether you want to move product more quickly or create a mixed bag for easy sales, discount codes are easy set and forget. Create a code once and make it available whenever you’d like, including automatic recurring entries. Enjoy endless discount options by applying them to products, product types and packages, as well as specific days of the week or times of the day.

  • Loyalty Program

    Reward your most frequent customers and entice new customers to return by allowing them to accrue and redeem points for discounts on future purchases.


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