Whether you’re the do-it-yourself type or have an accountant on hand, THSuite takes care of all of your accounting needs. Get day-to-day reporting on the value of your inventory, plus quarterly and yearly reporting for tax purposes. All you have to do is make the sales — we’ll crunch the numbers.


Quickbooks Integration
Custom Reports
Tax Time


  • Quickbooks Integration

    Happen to use Quickbooks to keep track of your company’s bottom line? We’ll connect you right to the Quickbooks API, allowing THSuite to continuously push your key figures to your accounting software while you’re busy running your business. When you need to see your numbers, they’re all right where you want them.

  • Custom Reports

    Better understand your ordering cycle, send reports directly to your accountant and know your cost of goods sold with our custom reports. Get down to the details with granular tracking in order to see the precise value of your inventory on hand and potential profit all the way down to the variation level. Need more? We’ll gladly sculpt the reports to fit your needs.

  • Tax Time

    Get an accurate view of your business value and take advantage of your state’s tax deductions with our inventory reporting. Filing your taxes might actually be enjoyable for a change.


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